Terms of Use

Technical Support

ExpertCollege will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the purchased e-learning modules available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, except for planned downtime/maintenance lasting for more than 5 minutes for which ExpertCollege shall provide at least 2 days’ notice. ExpertCollege shall provide technical support regarding the correct functioning of the websites hereafter “Technical Support”). ExpertCollege shall at all times during the duration of the User Account attend the technical difficulties that the Client communicates in writing to the following email: info@nclexexperts.com (hereafter, the “Technical Support Email”).

Uptime and downtime

a) Monthly uptime is the percentage of total possible minutes ExpertCollege websites and platforms were available to the Users.

Here is how we calculate this:
monthly uptime = 1 - (monthly downtime minutes / total possible monthly minutes).

b) Downtime is the number of minutes ExpertCollege websites and Platform were unavailable. ExpertCollege guarantees monthly uptime of 98%.

c) Disclaimer

The following scenarios do not count towards downtime:

· Slowness with certain features, meaning the cases in which some features of the websites such as the log-in page, the pages of the e-learning, images or exercises take less than 60 seconds to load.

· External network problems outside of ExpertCollege’s control, meaning issues that arise from failure of the Internet provider;

· Scheduled downtimes, meaning very rare planned interruptions in the availability of the websites or certain features of the websites outside of work hours;

· Issues that resulted from the Client’s breach of contract based on which the services are provided, meaning interrupted access due to Client’s non-compliance with contractual obligations, the General terms and conditions and the Privacy policy of ExpertCollege.

· Issues that arise from failure or incompatibility issues of the Client’s or third party learning management system;

Compensation for Major Technical Problem

In the event of a Major Technical Problem (meaning technical problem, which cannot be remedied within the term of two business days or unplanned downtime equal to more than two business days per month), the ExpertCollege shall compensate the Client with a sum equivalent to the number of days that the Major Technical Problem lasted, divided by the value in money that the Client paid for the corresponding Subscription. The occurrence of a technical problem which is not a Major Technical Problem shall not entitle the Client to any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.