Terms of Use


During the subscription procedure the Client chooses a username and password with which he can log on to the website. The Client himself is responsible for choosing a sufficiently secure password.

The Client must keep his login details, username, and password strictly confidential. ExpertCollege is not liable for misuse of the login credentials and may always assume that a Client who logs on to the website is actually that Client. Anything that happens via the Client’s account is at the responsibility and risk of the Client.

If the Client knows or suspects that his login credentials have been obtained by unauthorized persons, he must change his password as soon as possible and/or notify ExpertCollege so that ExpertCollege can take appropriate measures. The duration of validity of a Subscription will be according to your subscription plan.

It is not permitted to grant access to the E-learning to users other than users for whom a subscription has been purchased.

A User Account is subject to a “fair use policy”. If the Client uses the User Account contrary to what is stated in these Terms of Use, ExpertCollege may block the User Account with due justification. The user must then contact ExpertCollege in order to unblock it.

Subscription Term

You have the right to use and access the materials for the course(s) you have subscribed to for the duration of your subscription period unless an interval of maintenance downtime has been scheduled. You must use the course material within the subscribed period, and no free extensions are offered in exchange for any unused time.

At the end of your subscription period, your right to use and access the materials will expire automatically. You can purchase another subscription at any time by simply going back to the pricing page, choose a plan and submit the payment form.


Except as otherwise provided in this agreement or at the sole discretion of ExpertCollege, If you have purchased a subscription plan that is greater than 30 days, you may be entitled to a refund. The amount refunded is calculated on a pro-rated basis. This means that your refund amount will be calculated based on how many days into your subscription you have accessed since your start date or how many Expertbank questions you accessed, whichever is greater will determine your refund.

If you have used PayPal as your form of payment, refunds must be requested within 180 days from your purchase date, not your accessed date. Refunds requested after the 180 day period will not be honored.

If you have used a credit card as your form of payment, you have up to 360 days from your purchase date, not your accessed date to request a refund.

Example #1: Joy purchased a 3 month subscription plan and used 20% of the available questions in 75 days. After 75 days she requests a refund. Since the elapsed time is greater than the percentage of questions used, the refund amount is 15% of the subscription plan.

Example #2: Joy purchased a 3 month subscription and used 85% of her questions in 30 days. She requests a refund at the 30 day mark. Since the number of questions accessed is greater than the number of days used on the subscription plan, 15% of the subscription fee will be refunded.

ExpertCollege reserves the right to refuse a refund if the user is found to be in violation of Terms and Conditions or acting against ExpertCollege’s interest.